Tim Cerantola’s humour and political satire has been published in over 30 magazines and newspapers. When he is not pretending to be a writer, he works at his real job working with autistic and special needs children.

6 responses to “About

  1. Absolutely Hysterical blog!
    Thanks for making me laugh!

  2. Hala J.

    Hehehe, nice to hear some really funny stuff from a fellow Canadian! I hail from planet Earth most of the time too, except when I’m vacationing on Neptune.

  3. cousinavi

    Thanks for dropping by VNV. Appreciate the comment – agree that the Dems are in trouble. There’s a few more posts re: the evil genius Rove’s ginned up Palin play on the site if you care to spoo any more acerbic bon mots at me. I’ll pass them on to the McCain folks. They love a good laugh, and it’s always a riot to watch Gimpy McMumblefuck gesture wildly at his lap as he TRIES (but sadly fails) to slap his knees.
    It’s almost (but not quite) as much fun as tossing a cold beer to McFloppy with a “Think FAST, John!” He never catches it. We all giggle when it pings off his forehead…and no one laughs harder than John. See…there was a time when he was unable to have anyone throw a beer at his head….

  4. UUWoman

    I’ve never laughed so hard over our inept and dangerous government, ghastly record of invasions, stupidity of our citizens and this incredibly long, tortured presidential campaign as I did reading your blog. I’ve passed it on to numerous friends and relatives with a warning to go pee before reading. (Well, not really, but you have to be careful at my age.) You and Dave Barry are right up there in the satire department. Thanks so much for helping relieve some of the floating anxiety that I’m living with these days. Sarah Palin was just the icing on the cake! How anyone can take her seriously is beyond me. I was ready to head for another planet when that actor, Ronald Reagan, was elected president!!! And this McCain/Palin team seems much, much worse.

  5. Yet another canuck blog that can only shout it is NOT American, by writing about Americans.

    Damn, rube, I’ve been doing this for years! Find another gig.

    Isn’t there anything happening in Canada – like the 3rd election in 4 years – worth writing about?

    Oh, wait – I’m covering that too.

    Sucks to be you, eh?

  6. Your blog is a riot! I will be putting it on my blog roll and I hope you will consider doing the same for mine.

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